From the NGC Archives: 1927-D Standing Liberty Quarter

This month, the spotlight is on a coin that is technically flawed, though a beautiful rarity.

Though it was a very beautiful design, this type of quarter dollar by sculptor Hermon A. MacNeil was flawed from a technical standpoint. It thus underwent two significant revisions, in 1917 and again in 1925. This example displays the sunken date style, adopted to protect this feature from rapid wear.

Meeting all of the criteria for the coveted full head designation, this superb quarter is indeed a rarity. The typical example of this date and mint is quite poorly struck. This fact, combined with a mintage of just 976,000 pieces, makes the present specimen all the more desirable. Rich, iridescent shades intensify as they work their way toward the peripheries of either side, framing the central elements in a most attractive fashion. Satiny luster is punctuated by numerous fine, die-polishing lines.

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