Increased Value Limits on NGC Gold Tiers

NGC has raised value limits on Specialty Gold and Gold Rush tiers to $2,000 per coin.

Effective immediately, NGC is raising the maximum declared value limits for its Gold Rush and Specialty Gold service tiers to $2,000.00 per coin.

This change will not affect the types of coins submitted or the estimated turnaround times of these services. This service change reflects the increase in coin values corresponding to strong metals prices. NGC wants to assure that coins are properly valued and insured during shipping and the grading process.

The Gold Rush tier is used to submit all dates of $5 Liberty, $10 Liberty, $20 Liberty, $10 Indian and $20 Saint-Gaudens with a declared value up to $2,000 per coin. It is also used for $5, $10, $25 and $50 US gold bullion. There is a five coin minimum per submission. The estimated turnaround is five business days.

The Specialty Gold tier is used for the submission of all $1 Gold, $2.5 Gold, $3 Gold, $5 Indians and all better-date US Gold valued at $2,000 or less per coin. There is a five coin minimum per submission, and the estimated turnaround time is five business days.

These grading tiers are also available in combination with VarietyPlus® attribution, Internet Imaging and Multi-Coin Holder service options. For all coins over $2,000 in value, the Early Bird, Express, or WalkThrough tiers should be used. Also, California Fractional Gold is not eligible for the Specialty Gold tier, and must be submitted Early Bird or higher tier. Please contact an NGC Customer Service Representative if you have any questions.

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