From the NGC Archives: 1808 Capped Bust Half Dollar

This month’s feature is a fine example of the Capped Bust design, and still exhibits amazing eye appeal.

Along with copper cents, silver half dollars were the principal product of the United States Mint after 1804, when the coinage of dollars ceased. While most halves went into circulation as intended, many remained within bank vaults as a hard money backing for banknotes and other financial obligations.

John Reich’s splendid bust of Liberty had debuted just the year before when this fine example was coined. The dates of 1807 and 1808 represent an important subtype of the Capped Bust design and are thus highly prized by type collectors. Though struck from worn and cracked dies, this beautiful specimen nevertheless exhibits amazing eye appeal. Its luster is deep and frosty throughout, and this is overlaid with sumptuous toning in warm shades of lavender, gold, russet and sky blue. The surfaces of this glorious half dollar are especially pristine.

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