Tips For Using NGC CrossOver Service

NGC has everything you need to know to take advantage of CrossOver service. Read on for details. Updated 3/17/2014.

NGC provides a CrossOver service option for coins certified by PCGS. Using this service allows a submitter to send these coins to NGC for certification without removing them from their holders prior to submission. If the coins meet NGC-standards for the submitter's requested minimum grade, they will be removed from their holders and certified by NGC. If they fail to meet NGC’s standards, they will be returned to the submitter in their original PCGS holders.

Coins graded by services other than PCGS are not eligible for the CrossOver service. They must be removed from their holder prior to being graded. NGC can remove coins from these holders when submissions are accompanied by a coin removal consent form [pdf]. A form must accompany each applicable submission invoice.

When submitting coins for CrossOver service, an appropriate grading tier must also be selected. CrossOver coins should always be submitted on an invoice by themselves separate from coins that do not require CrossOver service. There is no additional fee for CrossOver; only the grading tier charges apply.

The major distinguishing feature of completing a CrossOver submission is the Minimum Grade column on the submission form. Since this aspect of CrossOver submission varies from the standard submission process, it prompts questions from submitters. Below we’ve described the minimum grade requests that can be supplied to NGC and clarified how they are used. Providing information in this format will help NGC process your submission accurately and without delay:

CrossOver at same grade — If you would like your coin to be certified by NGC at the same grade as it is presently certified, write SAME in the space provided in the CrossOver Min. Grade column. Note that the minimum grade request applies to both the numerical grade and designation such as Cameo or Ultra Cameo. If the grade criteria are satisfied but the designation criteria are not, your coin will not cross.

IMPORTANT: If the CrossOver Min. Grade column on the NGC Submission Form is left blank, the grade on the holder becomes the CrossOver Minimum Grade. A blank column does NOT mean cross at any grade. It means cross at the same grade.

You may NOT request a higher grade than the grade on the current holder — Even though a higher grade cannot be requested when using the CrossOver submission, coins can cross at a higher grade level if they meet NGC’s standards.

Specified Minimum Grade — Submitters willing to cross their coins to NGC at a lower grade level than the grade on the PCGS holder can specify a minimum grade by writing the numeric grade in the CrossOver Min. Grade column. For example, if a coin is graded MS 64 and the submitter will accept an MS 63 from NGC, the grade MS 63 should be written in the CrossOver Min. Grade for that line item.

Cross at any grade — Write ANY in the CrossOver Min. Grade column to have your coins crossed regardless of their grades. Note that coins with detrimental surface conditions such as scratches or improper cleaning will not cross if ANY is specified.

Coins for NGC Details Grading — Coins with detrimental surface conditions, including coins that have been net graded or described as genuine by other companies can be crossed to an NGC Details Grading holder by writing DETAILS in the CrossOver Min. Grade column. If DETAILS is requested and a coin is eligible for numerical grade, a numerical grade will be assigned. And vice versa, if a numerically graded coin has a detrimental surface condition, it will be NGC Details Graded if DETAILS has been specified.

Coins with Designations, for example CAMEO and FULL BANDS — When submitting coins for CrossOver, you cannot request a designation that is not already assigned to the coin on its current holder. For example, you cannot request that a Standing Liberty Quarter that has not been designated FULL HEAD cross to NGC only if it receives the FULL HEAD designation.

Star Designation — You cannot request that a coin cross only if it receives the NGC Star Designation.

The submitter is responsible for CrossOver Minimum Grade requests. Please note, no refunds or rebates are available for coins that failed to cross because CrossOver Minimum Grade requests were too high.

If you have additional questions regarding NGC’s CrossOver Service, please contact NGC Customer Service.

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