Coin Announces New Coin Price Guide, Market Sheet, eBay Top Sellers and Hot Sheet

Anyone who buys, sells, collects or trades US coins will benefit from this great new free resource. Learn more inside.

Coin Society has just released an open beta of their new site The site is free of charge and does not require registration to access any portion of the site.

Coin Society’s goal is to provide transparent market pricing to anyone who buys, sells, collects or trades US coins. The technology behind the site has been in development for over three years and is based on an artificial intelligence engine that reads online coin transactions and classifies those transactions into a coin price guide which reflects the standard catalog of known US coins.

The site is updated continually and unlike other coin price guides that are edited with some amount of subjectivity, Coin Society’s price guide is based on the final value of the last verifiable online transaction of any US coin by grading company and grade. Coin Society does not average prices or apply any algorithms to determine market price. Like the stock market, Coin Society’s prices are based solely on the last recorded transaction.

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Within the price guide are links back to the original completed transaction, provided they are still posted, which can be reviewed for independent price confirmation. Clicking on the year of the coin will load the market sheet for that coin, which includes a wealth of additional pricing information beyond the basic price guide. The market sheet illustrates the price trend for a specific coin, grading company and grade and also allows you to drill-down into historical prices of the selected coin.

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Currently all prices are based on eBay transactions, but in the future Coin Society will also include transactions from other reputable coin auction houses and dealers.

To date, Coin Society has classified over 215,000 completed transactions of US coins by grading company and grade valued at over $34,000,000. The price guide is based on coins graded by NGC, PCGS, ANACS and ICG, companies also supported by eBay. Additionally, Coin Society supports coin designations like DMPL and Cameo, as well as variations and varieties like SMS, Silver/Clad, NGC star holders and PCGS old green holders. Coin Society is currently adding support for CAC and the complete checklist of silver dollar VAM variations.

Coin Society has created a Top 100 sellers list of all eBay coin sellers and a Top 30 Hot Sheet of coins for sale or at auction that are under market. The Top 100 sellers list allows you to track the number of items and total value of the Top 100 eBay sellers along with the market price of items the seller is offering. Users can also search by seller and view their open and closed auctions with market prices. The Top 30 Hot Sheet helps to quickly identify coins that are under market price and is available at the website or through a simple email sign-up.

Coin Society is in open beta, which means the site is a work in process, has not officially launched and may have bugs or inconsistencies in the data provided. The site is constantly being updated and improved. In order to provide the best possible user experience Coin Society needs your feedback. Please feel free to contact us through the site with any ideas, improvements or bugs and we will do our best to accommodate all suggestions.

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