From the NGC Archives: 1855 Seated Liberty Half Dime

This month’s featured coin is a well-defined, lustrous gem, a true rarity. Read on for a full description, and a chance to learn more about Half Dimes.

By 1855 the United States Mint was in its third year of coining fractional silver pieces to the new, lower weight standard. These coins were distinguished from their predecessors by the inclusion of opposed arrowheads at either side of the date.

Though a fair number of 1855 Philadelphia Mint half dimes have survived, including several mint state coins, quality such as that displayed by this beauty is almost unknown. While this gem is not quite fully struck, it is well defined overall and wonderfully lustrous. Both frosty and satiny textures are present on this coin, which is entirely untoned. Fine doubling is also evident on the date and the arrowheads, adding to this rarity’s already considerable appeal.

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