NGC-certified Spanish Coin Expected to Sell for Six Figures

Posted on 5/26/2023

An NGC-certified 1591 Philip II coin has an estimate of more than $100,000 in a Tauler and Fau auction on June 7, 2023.

Nearly 150 world and ancient coins certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®) are included in a Tauler and Fau Auction scheduled for June 7, 2023. Forty of the coins in this sale are NGC “Top Pop” coins, which means they each hold the highest recorded grade for the coin type.

The most prominent coin in the auction is a Spain 1591-M Philip II 4E graded NGC MS 63 (lot 145) with an estimate of €100,000 (about $107,000). Philip II of Spain, who reigned from 1556 to 1598, was an influential monarch known for his political astuteness and unwavering commitment to Catholicism. Under his rule, Spain became a dominant global power, expanding its territories and wealth through exploration and colonization. While his reign witnessed significant achievements, such as the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Spanish Armada, Philip II's rigid religious policies and centralization of power contributed to the decline of the Spanish Empire in the long term. Only three known examples are known of this type "Ingenio de la Tijera".

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Also featured is a Peru 1698-C Escudo graded NGC MS 62 (lot 175) with an estimate of €40,000 (about $43,000). In the context of currency, an escudo is a historical unit of currency that was used in several countries, including Portugal, Spain and former Portuguese colonies. Typically made of gold or silver, the escudo symbolized economic power and was often associated with the wealth and influence of these nations during different historical periods. With only about six examples known, this coin is a Top Pop in the NGC Census. A similar specimen in a lower grade (AU 58) was sold for $45,000 in 2021.

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Another coin of interest in this auction is a Spain 1728-M JJ 8E Early Bust graded NGC AU 55 (lot 203) with an estimate of €35,000 (about $37,000). The year 1728 saw the first production of 8 "bust" coats of arms in Spain, which makes it very special, beyond its scarcity (only 1,079 pieces were minted) and its impressive visual impact. With only about seven examples graded, this coin is a Top Pop in the NGC Census.

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Other NGC-graded coins in this auction include:

  • a Roman Empire Commodus AD 177-192 AV Aureus graded NGC Ch MS with 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 46) with an estimate of €35,000 (about $37,000)
  • a Roman Empire Antoninus Pius AD 138-161 AV Aureus graded NGC Ch MS with 5/5 Strike and 4/5 Surface (lot 43) with an estimate of €25,000 (about $27,000)
  • a Spain 4E 1476-1516K Segovia Ferdinand V and Isabel I graded NGC XF 45 (lot 131) with an estimate of €18,000 (about $19,000)
  • a Punic Spain c.237-209 BC AR Dishekel obv male head, rv prow, Tangler Hoard, 9 graded NGC Ch XF★ with 4/5 Strike and 2/5 Surface (lot 22) with an estimate of €18,000 (about $19,000)
  • a Roman Empire Faustine Sr., AD 138-140/1 AV Aureus graded NGC Ch AU★ with 5/5 Strike and 4/5 Surface (lot 44) with an estimate of €18,000 (about $19,000)
  • a Roman Empire Faustine Jr., AD 147-175/6 AV Aureus graded NGC Ch AU★ with 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 45) with an estimate of €16,000 (about $17,000)
  • a Colombia 1785NR JJ 8E graded NGC MS 64 (lot 312) with an estimate of €15,000 (about $16,000)
  • a Gibraltar 10B T4 Heart C/S on Mexico 8R graded NGC AU 55 (lot 545) with an estimate of €9,000 (about ($10,000)
  • a Guatemala 1760G P 8R Charles III graded NGC MS 62 (lot 253) with an estimate of €8,000 (about $9,000)
  • a Spain 1516-56 S Escudo Seville graded NGC MS 64★ (lot 134) with an estimate of €4,000 (about $4,000)

Estimates are provided by the auction house.

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