Finest-Ranked NGC Registry's Type Set Offered for Sale

Examples in the Sounder Collection include major design types in all metals besides gold.

Olympia, WA, dealer Pinnacle Rarities announces the acquisition of the number one ranked USA Type Set on the NGC Registry. Named for the Puget Sound, the Sounder Collection was carefully assembled by an astute collector from the Seattle, WA area. This collector’s name is also associated with finest known Walkers, as he assembled one of the finest graded sets.

The collection of 99 coins, valued at over $2,000,000, includes examples of all major design types, in all metals besides gold. Now that his type set is for all practical purposes complete, the collector has decided to embark on new numismatic challenges. Kathleen Duncan, owner of Pinnacle Rarities, mentions that "rarely do sets of this caliber become available for sale in their entirety. As such, it represents an excellent opportunity for high-end collectors." The coins are being offered for sale individually.

Below are a few of the highlights:

1794 Liberty Cap 1/2c NGC MS61BN

1859 1c NGC PR67

1944 Struck on Zinc Coated Steel Lincoln 1c NGC AU58

1803 Large 8 Darped Bust 10c NGC MS63

1798/97 16 Stars Rev. Draped Bust 10c NGC MS65

1827 10c NGC MS67

1859 25c NGC PR67*

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1871 H10c NGC MS68*

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1858 10c NGC PR67*

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1796 25c NGC MS63

Images and descriptions can also be viewed on Pinnacle's Web site at For additional information, contact Pinnacle Rarities at 800-724-7642.

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