NGC-certified EID MAR Sold for New Record Price of $720,000

Posted on 5/8/2023

The coin struck by Brutus to celebrate his role in the murder of Julius Caesar was one of five NGC-certified coins to realize six figures in a May 2023 Heritage sale.

An EID MAR Silver Denarius struck by the warlord Brutus, an example of the most famous Roman coin now certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company® (NGC®), has just realized a new record price of $720,000. It was one of more than 800 NGC-certified ancient and world coins in a Heritage sale held May 3-5, 2023, including four others that realized prices over $100,000.

The centerpiece of the auction was a Roman Imperatorial Brutus (d. 42 B.C.) EID MAR Silver Denarius graded NGC Ancients XF, 5/5 Strike and 4/5 Surface with Fine Style (lot 30051). This issue is widely considered the most historically important of all ancient coins. Its iconic design, showing a liberty cap flanked by daggers, celebrates the murder of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March (March 15), 44 B.C., a deed that shaped the history of the Western world.

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Caesar’s murder brought a tragic end to a political career that had eclipsed all those of his contemporaries, many of whom feared the tyranny that might ensnare Rome if Caesar continued to rule. Though Caesar had countless enemies, his most formidable turned out to be Brutus and Cassius, young senators who led the conspiracy against him. Though both men afterward struck coins of their own, only Brutus portrayed himself and created a design that celebrates the murder. Brutus and Cassius lost a power struggle and died in October 23 amid the Battle of Philippi.

"The auction record for this Eid Mar denarius reflects how interest in ancient coins continues to grow at a healthy pace, even at the highest price levels," says NGC Ancients director David Vagi. "This appears to be driven by new buyers attracted by the layer of security offered by NGC's third-party grading."

Another amazing coin in this auction was a Lydia, Croesus (561-546 B.C.) Gold Stater graded NGC Ancients MS★, 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 30026), which realized $192,000. Hailing from Lydia (what today is eastern Turkey), this is an example of the world’s first major gold coinage. The introduction of a bimetallic coinage in gold and silver by Croesus, the king of Lydia, in the sixth century B.C. was a revolutionary move that had a huge impact on the ancient world.

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Other NGC-certified coins sold in this auction include:

  • a Great Britain 1847 Gothic Type - Pure Silver N/U Plain Edge Crown graded NGC PF 64 Cameo (lot 30134) that realized $186,000
  • a Sicily, Syracuse c.405-400 BC (Kimon) Silver Decadrachm graded NGC Ancients Ch XF★, 4/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface with Fine Style (lot 30001) that realized $180,000
  • an Ionia c.650-600 BC Electrum Stater graded NGC Ancients Ch AU, 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 30023) that realized $120,000
  • a Mysia, Cyzicus c.450-350 B.C. Electrum Stater graded NGC Ancients AU★, 5/5 Strike and 4/5 Surface (lot 30021) that realized $87,000
  • a Lydia, Croesus or later (after c.561 BC) Gold Stater graded NGC Ancients Ch MS, 5/5 Strike and 5/5 Surface (lot 30028) that realized $84,000
  • a Russia 1762CNB Peter III 10 Roubles graded NGC AU 58 (lot 30180) that realized $84,000
  • a Roman Empire, Caligula (A.D. 37-41) Gold Aureus graded NGC Ancients VF, 5/5 Strike and 2/5 Surface (lot 30054) that realized $72,000
  • a Germany 1640 Bavaria 5 Ducats - Date Divided by City View graded NGC MS 62 (lot 30115) that realized $60,000
  • a France 1868BB Gold 100 Francs graded NGC MS 64 (lot 30109) that realized $60,000
  • a Chile 1758SO J 8 Reales graded NGC UNC Details (lot 30089) that realized $57,600
  • a Japan M3(1870) 20 Yen graded NGC MS 63 (lot 30161) that realized $52,800
  • a France 1905A Gold 100 Francs graded NGC MS 66 (lot 30110) that realized $50,400

Prices realized include a buyer’s premium. The $ symbol represents US Dollars.

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