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Jeff Garrett | Jim Bisognani | All Articles
How Long Should You Hold Your Collection

5/5/2016 - Being in a rush when buying or selling coins will lead to poor results.
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Heritage CICF Powers to $6.3 Million

4/28/2016 - World Coins—Something Exciting For Everyone; Golden State Collector Recommends Kennedy Half Dollar Series
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ANA Celebrates 125 Years

4/21/2016 - A strong national collector organization is important and your membership in the ANA will help to provide the resources needed to ensure the future of the hobby.
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Chicago–The Springtime Mecca of the Coin Community; Coin Caravan Curbed for CICF and CSNS

4/14/2016 - CSNS bound collectors hot on the trail for Liberty Seated Type and Walkers; Metals continue surge.
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2016-W Mercury Dime Debuts

4/7/2016 - At first glance the 2016-W Mercury Dime coins are very invocative of the classic 1916-D Mercury Dime. The coins will be nearly the exact size of the vintage Mercury Dime and contain 1/10 oz. of .9999 fine (24 karat) gold.
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Baltimore Whitman Expo & Stack's Bowers Auction Underway

3/31/2016 - 70th Anniversary Roosevelt Dimes offer variety and value. Golden nostalgia ahead in 2016.
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Market Perks Up In The First Quarter of 2016

3/24/2016 - Rare coin market shows renewed signs of life.
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Heritage ANA Signature Sale Claims $8 Million

3/17/2016 - Proof Barbers Power To Record Levels; Colorful Razor Sharp Coins Hot; Collector Coins Hot Property; Metal Markets Heat Up.
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Southern Mint Half Eagles 1856-1861

3/10/2016 - The final installment of a date-by-date study of Southern gold coins struck in Charlotte, Dahlonega and New Orleans between 1856 and 1861.
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Big “D” Plays Host To Big Money; Collectors Weigh In

3/3/2016 - Vermont collector looking to fulfill childhood dream set; Draped Bust Large Cents a historical buy; MS 64 Double Eagles a great opportunity; British Commonwealth presents modern world rarities.
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