Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Description & Analysis

Walter Breen placed the mintage of Medium Date halves at 1,821,764 pieces. If not absolutely accurate, it is reasonably close to the proportional populations of Medium Date versus Small Date coins. Both are somewhat scarce in Mint State, but the Medium Date is certainly seen more often. In circulated grades, this is a fairly common date.

At least five obverse dies were used for this coinage, and these were paired with a like number of reverses for a total of seven known marriages. There are only two popular varieties. The more desirable is FS-301 (WB-105) on which the date is completely doubled, with some signs of tripling. The other (VP-003, WB-106) has its date repunched to the left of the first impression. Interestingly, each of these obverse dies was paired with two different reverses, though all of the value is in the date side.