Description and Analysis

Early Dimes
1833 10C MS

Description & Analysis

The U. S. Mint relocated to a new facility early in 1833, and the resulting disruption led to a wild mix-and-match of old and new dies. How many of the 485,000 dimes coined that year were actually dated 1833 is unknown, and it's likely that some were dated 1832 while additional 1833-dated pieces were made in the next year or two.

Four obverse dies were paired in 10 different combinations with six reverses. JR-4, -5, -6 and -9 are common, while JR-1 and JR-10 are slightly scarce. JR-2, -7 and -8 are rare, with JR-3 being the rarest variety of the year. Why the High 3 varieties have been singled out for attention in guide books is a puzzle, as the common JR-5 marriage of this obverse brings no premium.

Mint State survivors of the more common varieties are fairly plentiful, with more than the usual number of gems certified for this coin type.