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Description and Analysis

Patterns and Trial
1839 J-98 50C PF

Description & Analysis

Judd-98, Pollock-108, High R.7.

Design. The Backward Head design. The obverse is similar to the regular-issue 1839 gold eagles, with a rounded tip on the forward edge of the bust truncation and a pointed tip on the rear edge--but the entire head faces backward, right rather than left. Thirteen stars ring the rim, with date 1839 below. The reverse is from the regular-issue Seated Liberty die, Large Letters, of 1842-1853. Struck in copper with a reeded edge.

Commentary. Saul Teichman notes on that he believes these are restrikes produced in the 1870s, and throws down the gauntlet challenging collectors to try to match the reverse die to a regular-issue proof.

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