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(1849) J-113 3CS PF

Description & Analysis

Judd-113, Pollock-127, High R.7.

Design. Popularly known as the Ugly Duckling, this pattern combines "Arabic" and Roman numerals 3 and III, one on each side, with no other legends, date, denomination, or other device. Not only is this a "coin without a country," it is a numerator without a denominator, a quantity with no units. Struck in a "silver-copper alloy of unknown proportions," according to Judd, with a plain edge.

Commentary. Struck as both originals (per Judd) and restrikes, the last of which Judd notes are probably in 90% silver. Saul Teichman of believes all are post-1849 restrikes. Pollock notes that the Lemus Collection piece, presumably this one, weighs 19.2 grains (which Teichman notes is "the same as a standard half dime planchet"), with diameter 0.594 in. Teichman concurs that these pieces "are more likely standard coin silver as opposed to being 50% silver, 50% copper," adding that perhaps a dozen exist. We would not be surprised if the number were lower, perhaps eight to 10 pieces.

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