Description and Analysis

Barber Quarters
1912 25C PF

Description & Analysis

Proof sales rose dramatically in 1912 to a level more consistent with 1906 and earlier years. Why? Well, it may have been a desire on the part of collectors to acquire the final issue of the Liberty Head Nickel, which was being replaced in 1913. Though minor proof sets (cent and nickel) could be purchased separately at eight cents for the pair, many collectors found it more desirable to buy complete silver proof sets, which included the two minors. Indeed, the mintage of proof nickels rose too in 1912.

Another possibility is that this figure is entirely in error, as is supposed for the implausible mintage for proof quarter eagles in 1910. Indeed, the certified population of 1912 proof quarter dollars is in line with the smaller mintages typical for this period. Gems are slightly scarce, though a fair number of Cameo proofs have been certified.