Description and Analysis

Morgan Dollars
1895 $1 PF

Description & Analysis

The 1895 Proof Morgan dollar is considered the "King of Morgans" by many. It owes this title to the fact that not a single business-strike 1895-P Morgan dollar is known. Although the Philadelphia Mint reported the production of 12,000 mint state dollars in 1895, none have ever surfaced. It is likely that they all were melted and it's quite possible that they never actually left the Mint,

Due to the fact that no business strikes are known of the 1895 Morgan dollar, the proof issue has had huge upward pressure put on its value. The 880 coin mintage, which is right in the middle of the pack for proof Morgan dollars, is simply not large enough to satisfy the huge demand there is for this issue. That means that one can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an example in any grade.