Description and Analysis

Modern Commemoratives

Description & Analysis

Louis Braille was born near Paris, France on January 4th, 1809. At the age of three, he lost sight in his left eye due to an accident in his father's workshop. A year later, an infection took his vision in his right eye as well.

Braille would later attend the Royal Institute for Blind Children in Paris. There, he learned of a system used in the military known as "night writing" which allowed soldiers to communicated without light or speech.This system utilized 12 raised dots used to represent different sounds,

Intrigued, the young Braille adapted this system and created the modern Braille system as we know it today. The system has been adapted to most languages and it is still the most popular way for the blind to read.

This commemorative was issued to honor the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille's birth. Interestingly enough, the reverse of this issue contains readable Braille. The word Braille (abbreviated BRL) is located in the center of the reverse!