Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $5
1844 O $5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The 1844-O half eagle has one of the highest mintages of any New Orleans gold coin, second only to the 1847-O eagle. As would be expected, the date can be purchased on several occasions at auction each year. Most of the coins that are offered at auction grade Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. However, Mint State examples of the 1844-O issue are quite rare. Relatively few coins were saved from this high-mintage issue. Harry W. Bass Jr. favored the 1844-O, as his estate contained 13 examples when it was sold at auction between 1999 and 2000. The October 1999 sale contained the finest known example, which has been graded as MS-65. The coin sold for $34,500, quite a bargain for the finest known example of such an interesting coin. My note on the lot simply state “awesome.”