Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $2.50
1848 D $2.5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The 1848-D Liberty Head quarter eagle is one of the more available coins of the denomination from the Dahlonega Mint. Examples of the issue can be found in grades of Extremely Fine and About Uncirculated with a bit of patience. A half-dozen or so coins are offered at auction each year. The 1848-D quarter eagle is usually found well struck, much sharper than many of the later issues from the mint. Die clashing is found quite often, primarily in the central portions of the obverse and reverse. Mint State examples of the date are rare, with MS 63 coins being the finest examples graded by NGC. The last NGC MS 63 1848-D quarter eagle to appear at auction sold for $24,725 in June 2002.