Description and Analysis

Liberty Head $2.50
1842 D $2.5 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: The 1842-D Liberty Head quarter eagle is a very scarce coin in any grade. Only 4,643 coins were struck for the year at the Dahlonega Mint, and it is thought that fewer than 100 coins survive in all grades. Extensively circulated and flawed coins are the norm, and the date ranks as one of the most difficult to locate in high grade. The date is usually found with a decent strike but is sometimes seen with an area of roughness on the neck of Liberty. The first three digits of the date are repunched on most of the examples seen. The finest seen by the authors has been the NGC MS 62 coin that is a part of the Duke’s Creek Collection. The coin last sold at public auction in April 2006 for $57,500.