Description and Analysis

Gold Dollars
1852 C G$1 MS

Description & Analysis

Jeff Garrett: With a mintage of less than 10,000 coins, the 1852-C gold dollar must be considered scarce in any condition. Only 150 of these gold dollars have been certified in all grades by NGC. Although a scarce coin in any grade, a number of Mint State examples are known, including a superb NGC MS 66 example that last sold in January 2000 for $24,150. That coin is a radiant gem, but like most 1852-C gold dollars, it has an imperfection on the reverse at the LA of DOLLAR. The flaw at first appears to be a planchet imperfection, but it is obviously a die problem, probably caused by some foreign material adhering to the die. This mint-caused defect should not affect the value.