Description and Analysis

Early Dollars
1799/8 $1 MS

Description & Analysis

The large number of dies prepared for 1798's silver dollar coinage included one that was overdated 1799/8 the following year. This could be accomplished only with a die not previously used, as the hardening process precluded alterations to the date, thus there are no coins known from this die prior to its being overdated.

The single overdated die was used in combination with three different reverses. BB-141 is the most common marriage, with BB-142 being less often seen. BB-143 is scarce in relation to the others, though few collectors seek this series by die marriages. Most person desiring a 1799/8 overdate do not care which of the three they obtain. BB-141 is the only one that is reasonably available in Mint State or grades close to it.