Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars
1874 S ARROWS 50C MS

Description & Analysis

A small mintage and a high attrition rate have left the 1874-S half dollar as a scarce issue in even the lowest grades. It become very scarce grading XF or AU, while Mint State coins survive in the low double digits. A very small number of superb gems are known.

Just three obverse dies have been identified, and these were paired with four reverses for a total of four die marriages. This is a particularly interesting issue for the variety collector, as three different mintmark styles may be found. One reverse die displays the Small Wide S used 1871-72, and two others repeat the Minute S used for 1873-S halves. Finally, the Medium-Small S of 1872 appears again on 1874-S half dollars, but in this instance the upper half is filled, and the S is placed extremely low and quite offset to the right. This one is the rarest of the three, though all are obtainable with searching.

1874-S half dollars were coined with collars having either 144 or 145 reeds.