Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Description & Analysis

These half dollars all were coined before April 1, 1873, when the new weight standard (denoted by arrowheads at either side of the date) went into effect. This issue is scarce in all grades, becoming progressively more rare in grades VF and higher. Mint State examples are quite rare, though some outstanding pieces have been certified.

The dies for the 1873-CC No Arrows half dollars were received November 9, 1872, and the next shipment did not occur until the arrowheads were applied. Of the four obverse dies sent to Carson City without arrowheads, only two have been identified on the coins. That western mint had plenty of reverse dies leftover from previous years and requested no additional ones. The one reverse used for the No Arrows halves features a Small CC mintmark not seen previously, and this was likely from the 1872 shipment of reverse dies that were not used until 1873.

All 1873-CC half dollars of both major varieties have 154 reeds. Once again, this readily distinguishes them from Philadelphia coins to which a CC mintmark may be added, serving as a useful authentication tool.