Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Half Dollars
1859 50C MS

Description & Analysis

Half dollar coinage plunged at the Philadelphia Mint after the record production of 1858. The 1859(P) half dollar is slightly scarce in all circulated grades, with Mint State examples being more so. Gems are seldom found, despite the overall high quality for this issue.

To date, 11 obverse dies have been identified. Along with 10 reverses, these produced a total of 11 die marriages. Both the old reverse hub of 1842 and the newly adopted hub of 1858 are seen on dies of this year, with the Type 1 Reverse being slightly more available.

Two collar gauges has been noted---145 or 146 reeds, respectively. Aside from the reverse hub types, there are no notable varieties for the 1859 Philadelphia half dollar.