Description and Analysis

Washington Quarters
1964 25C MS

Description & Analysis

The total mintage of 1964-dated quarters represents three years of coinage, as Congress authorized a date freeze to combat the national coin shortage. Philadelphia's production of this issue was evenly divided between those struck in 1964 and those made the following year. The San Francisco Assay Office began striking 1964(P) quarters in 1965, making over 15 million that year and 4.6 million in the opening months of 1966. Most of these later strikings went straight to hoarders, as the first copper-nickel-clad quarters had been released in November of 1965.

Examples are plentiful through MS 66, but the population drops off in higher grades. Many 1964(P) quarters were poorly made, as the mints were focused solely on quantity over quality. Numerous varieties are known, including a richer than usual crop of doubled-die reverses. Also highly sought are the Type B Reverse coins struck from retired or unneeded proof dies. With proof mintages reaching nearly four million pieces, such dies were made in large numbers.