Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Quarters
1878 CC 25C MS

Description & Analysis

The final year of quarter dollar production at the Carson City Mint saw an issue of just under one million pieces. The word "issue" is used tentatively, as some of these coins may have been withheld from release and destroyed to comply with the legal limit of $50 million for fractional notes and coins in circulation.

Three dies each have been cataloged for obverse and reverse. Briggs' Obverse 1 was used with both his Reverses A and B, for a total of four die marriages. All feature the Large CC that dominated the 1877-CC production, and none is interesting enough to be sought individually.

The 1878-CC quarter is scarcer than the two preceding issues, but it is only slightly scarce in the lower circulated grades. A bit more elusive at the XF-AU level, Mint State examples are available more than one might expect. Gems are in the minority, but several truly excellent coins have been certified.