Description and Analysis

Roosevelt Dimes
1955 10C PF

Description & Analysis

Proof sales rose more than 50% from 1954 to 1955, a sign that many persons were buying multiple sets that exceeded their own collecting needs. This would remain an annual tradition for years to come, with just a slight setback during 1958.

The packaging of proof coins in individual sleeves stapled to one another gave way mid-year to a "pliofilm" envelope in which all five coins were heat sealed in a side-by-side arrangement. Both forms of packaging were used in 1955, though few proof sets of that year still remain in Mint packaging today.

Gems of the 1955 proof dime are plentiful through PF 69, perhaps as a result of this improved packaging. The number of pieces certifiable as Cameo rose, too, and even Ultra Cameo examples become collectable starting with 1955. These are nonetheless quite rare as a percentage of the overall total and bring strong prices.