Description and Analysis

Roosevelt Dimes
1964 10C MS

Description & Analysis

One outcome of the great coin shortage of the early 1960s was that Congress froze the date 1964 for coins produced after that year, resulting in a tremendous mintage for 1964(P) dimes that lasted into the following year. In fact, three quarters of the 1964(P) dimes were coined during 1965. Since it was already known that silver coinage was coming to an end, speculators put away thousands of bags of freshly minted pieces. The result was an extremely common coin in overall numbers but one that is a bit elusive in the higher grades. Collectors of the time were content to fill holes in their albums with BU coins of any quality, and gems were not appreciated until decades later.

Several DDR varieties are known for 1964(P) dimes, and the best of these is very distinct. There were two different obverse master dies for this issue, one having numeral 9 ending in a rounded point, while the other displays a short-tailed 9 with a blunt end. The Pointed 9 is believed to have come first and is more scarce, but most collectors seem indifferent to these varieties.