Description and Analysis

Seated Liberty Dimes
1876 10C PF

Description & Analysis

Proof sales rose dramatically in 1876, as Americans sought souvenirs of the nation's centennial year. The city of Philadelphia hosted the official world's fair to mark this anniversary, and a tour of the U. S. Mint was a natural stop for the many visitors. This increase in guests naturally boosted proof coin sales even further.

The total of proof sets sold is reported differently in Walter Breen's 1988 encyclopedia, which furnishes a figure of 1,250. The figure presented here is believed to be the correct one.

Three obverse dies were paired with three reverses in unique combinations to effect this relatively large mintage. One reverse reveals minor doubling of DIM[E], but collectors have taken little notice of this variety. All three reverse dies are from the older hub used 1860-75, though a portion of the currency strike mintage was performed with the new hub introduced this year.