Description and Analysis

Early Dimes
1825 10C MS

Description & Analysis

A total mintage of 510,000 dimes for calendar year 1825 is presumed to have included 100,000 1824-dated coins which comprised the initial delivery in August. The reconstructed mintage for pieces dated 1825 is thus 410,000, though some additional dimes bearing the date 1825 may have been coined in 1827. Such was the nature of the early U. S. Mint, when dies were too precious to be discarded until they failed altogether.

The use of four obverse dies and three reverses resulted in a total of five known die marriages. There are no obvious distinctions between these that would merit separation within general coin references, so only specialists are concerned with their individual rarities.

JR-2 and JR-4 are both common, while JR-1 and JR-3 are scarce. JR-5 alone is a true rarity, with just a few dozen known.

Scattered examples of the more common varieties are known in Mint State, but this date is certainly not common in such condition.