Description and Analysis

Jefferson Five Cents
1970 S 5C PF

Description & Analysis

Proof set sales declined a bit in 1970, as the speculative market in 1968-S and 1969-S sets finally broke. These had been run up to around $15 per set when first released, quite a sum at the time.

These proofs were very well made in comparison to the sloppy work seen on many issues from the 1950s and '60s. Enough Cameo and Ultra Cameo proofs have been certified to satisfy the demand from advanced collectors and Registry competitors.

Numerous S over S mintmark varieties are known, all of them quite minor.

After 1970 the San Francisco Assay Office ceased coining nickels for general circulation. These had been subject to hoarding by speculators attracted to the S mintmark, and the resumption of nickel coinage at Philadelphia in 1971 was more than sufficient to handle the load.