Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1947 D 1C MS

Description & Analysis

The restoration of tin to the cent's alloy in 1947 went almost entirely unnoticed, as its percentage was too small to alter the coin's appearance. Indeed, the tinless cents of 1944-46 proved so satisfactory that this element was deleted by law in 1962.

Through the 1940s and most of the '50s, Denver Mint coins were generally superior in quality to those of the other two mints. Most 1947-D cents will thus show sharper details, though the example illustrated is clearly from a later state of its obverse die and reveals some peripheral distortion.

Overall, 1947-D cents are not rare in the higher grades, but the percentage of gems for most cents during this period is lower than for wartime and pre-war issues.

Only minor varieties are noted.