Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1945 1C MS

Description & Analysis

This was the second year of "shellcase" cent production, so called because some of the metal used was obtained from brass cartridge cases recovered from military training facilities. The only real difference between these coins and the pre-war composition was the omission of tin in the alloy. Since this typically comprised only 1% of the total mass, its absence is not evident from visual inspection.

This issue had an enormous mintage, second only to that of 1944(P) and one which not be exceeded until the 1956-D cents. Thus, examples are plentiful in gem condition through the grade of MS 67 RD.

No major varieties are noted for 1945(P) cents, though they did seem to suffer quite a number of cud die breaks. These oddities straddle the fields of varieties versus mint errors, and they are collected by enthusiasts in both areas.