Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1941 S 1C MS

Description & Analysis

Due to the usual hoarding of rolls at the time of issue, 1941-S cents are plentiful in all grades through fully red gem. Many, however, were coined from very worn dies showing obvious signs of erosion. Collectors should seek those fully struck from fresh dies.

The S mintmark punch is use since 1917 was showing signs of filling, and the Philadelphia Mint's Engraving Department furnished a new one of large size and completely different style. This debuted on a minority of the 1941-S cents through quarter dollars (half dollars transitioned the following year). 1941-S cents having the Large S are not truly rare, but they are scarce in top grades and bring a premium. The example illustrated has the normal, Small S of 1917-40.

The coining of 1941-S cents was suspended from February through July, perhaps due again to the recurring problem of its fiscal year appropriation running out prematurely at a time of great coinage demand.