Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1929 S 1C MS

Description & Analysis

The typical 1929-S cent shows moderate to heavy die erosion, though certainly not to the extent of S-Mint cents of the early-mid 1920s.

This issue is quite common in all circulated grades, and Mint State pieces are likewise plentiful from the many rolls saved. All cents 1929-33 saw only limited distribution at the time of minting, since the economy demanded little in the way of new coin. When the practice of saving uncirculated rolls developed in the mid 1930s, this date was among the ones still available for the picking.

Fully red coins are scarce but not rare. Those certified as gems (MS 65 RD or higher) may or may not be well struck, as the role of strike in grading is limited. Only a very badly struck coin will have points deducted, so the opportunity exists for a bit of cherrypicking.

Collectors should also be on the alert for a nice repunched mintmark variety known for this issue.