Description and Analysis

Lincoln Cents, Wheat Reverse
1925 S 1C MS

Description & Analysis

Despite a fairly substantial mintage, 1925-S cents of desirable quality are quite scarce. Worn examples are quite common from widespread hoarding during the 1930s-50s, and Mint State pieces of so-so quality are likewise available. Fully red gems are very rare and tend to be much darker in shade than Philadelphia Mint cents.

This issue is perhaps not quite as hard to find with a decent strike as its Denver Mint cousin, but the typical 1925-S cent is mushy on one or both sides. The dies were used way too long and may have been improperly hardened, as well, but the result was coins having blurry and grossly distorted features.

A very minor doubled-die obverse variety is known for this issue but holds little interest. More popular are two repunched mintmark varieties recognized by NGC under its VarietyPlus Service.