Description and Analysis

Indian Cents
1871 1C PF

Description & Analysis

The proof cents of 1871 come with either the Shallow N reverse (photos) or the Bold N reverse. While the former is highly sought for the currency pieces, the proofs are not generally collected by varieties.

1871 proof cents, like all denominations of this date, were rather poorly made. The polishing of the dies was heavy-handed, leaving a slightly dished effect at the peripheries and almost no contrast between fields and devices. Examples certified with cameo contrast are indeed rarities. Also quite elusive are pieces displaying full red color that is original (most "red" proofs have been cleaned at one time and will not receive numeric grades).

The total number of 1871 proof cents sold in unknown, as the additional coins sold outside of the 960 silver proof sets were in documents destroyed by the Mint in 1925.