Description and Analysis

Coronet Head Cents
1818 1C MS

Description & Analysis

1818 is another high mintage date that is readily available in all circulated grades and is also plentiful in Mint State for a handful of varieties.

Some 10 die marriages exist for this date, with N-10 (photos) being by far the most common courtesy of the Randall Hoard. This source provided collectors with thousands of Mint State pieces, many of them having much red color, though often spotted or stained. This variety is immediately recognizable by the circle of die cracks connecting all stars with the date.

The only rare die marriage is N-4, though N-2, -3, -5, -8 and -9 are moderately scarce.

The 1818 cent is a popular choice with type collectors and is reasonably priced in all but the highest grades.