Description and Analysis

Coronet Head Cents
1817 1C MS

Description & Analysis

With a whopping mintage of nearly four million pieces, the 1817 cent is a common coin in any grade short of gem. A number may be found with partial red color, and the nicest of these 1817 cents have survived from the Randall Hoard dispersed more than a century ago.

N-13 and N-14 comprise the majority of 1817 Randall Hoard cents, but several other die marriages are also common, including N-6 (photos). Scarce ones include N-1, -2, -4, -5, -7, -12 and -15. The only moderately rare marriage for this date is N-17.

The most popular variety is far and away N-16, easily spotted for its 15 obverse stars in place of the normal 13. This undoubtedly resulted from a spacing error when punching the stars into the die, and the engraver sought to balance the array with two extra stars. Fortunately for collectors, this variety is not rare in circulated grades, though its great appeal does bring a premium price.