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A fabulous and virtually complete collection of United States Seated Liberty proof coins from 1837 through 1891, the Kaufman Collection has been graded and encapsulated by NGC. This collection is noteworthy for the many rarities found within it, including numerous coins which are nearly unique or which represent the finest examples certified by NGC. Each piece is certified as part of the Kaufman Collection and will appear in the NGC Census Report.

Consisting of some 210 coins, all of the Seated Liberty design, this collection has been formed over several years and includes many pieces which are pedigreed to important collections. It is Mr. Kaufman's goal to eventually own a proof specimen for each and every date and denomination of the Seated Liberty type for which proofs are known.

Though there are some inevitable gaps in this sequence (the U. S. Mint did not make proofs for all of the dates before 1858), Mr. Kaufman is well on his way to completing his set. He intends to update existing coins whenever possible and, in his own words, "spent a fortune" at the May 1997 Bowers & Merena auction of coins formerly owned by the late Louis Eliasberg, Sr.

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