Feburary 24, 2010
Champion Hong Kong Auction 10
Yuan Shi Kai 10 Dollars Coin Gold  
with flying dragon on reverse, celebrating  
President Yuan’s coronation as Emperor  
Hung Hsien (Hong Xian).  
KM Y333a, Kann 1515, NGC MS 62
    CHINA-CHEKIANG Undated (1899)
20 Cents Silver,
with Chinese legend in Wei Stele style  
L&M284, Y53.7, NGC MS 64
    CHINA-HUPEH (1904)
One Tael Silver  
L&M181, Y128.1, NGC MS 62
One Dollar Silver  
with old style dragon 
L&M217, Y145a.1, NGC MS 61
One Dollar Silver  
L&M217, Y145a.2, NGC MS 63
10 Cents Silver  
L&M221, K73a, Y142a.1, NGC MS 65
One Mace Silver
Lanchoufu Arsenal Mint
L&M808, K1000, NGC AU 55
    FRENCH-INDO-CHINA Undated (1885-97)
20 Cents Bronze-Nickel Essai
2 Reverse Dies
KM E9, NGC MS 62
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