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Washington Quarters (1932-1998)

The bicentennial of George Washington’s birth in 1932 prompted Congress to authorize a circulating commemorative quarter dollar to honor our first president. It was not anticipated that the Washington Quarter would continue beyond 1932, but the popularity of this issue and its superior technical aspects prompted the Mint to abandon the Standing Liberty type when normal production resumed in 1934. Though collectors of the time hoarded many 1932 quarters from the Philadelphia Mint and somewhat lesser numbers from the Denver and San Francisco Mints, interest in succeeding issues lagged for decades. Of course, the practice of speculators squirreling away rolls of uncirculated coins began at about the time of this coin type’s debut, so there is an abundant supply of nearly every issue in the series. Several dramatic doubled-die and overmintmark varieties are known for the Washington Quarter, and these are eagerly sought by both variety specialists and collectors of the series as a whole. The generally low price of most dates, even in mint state condition, adds to the appeal of collectors to hunt out varieties in both rolls and singles, though a strong market exists for certified examples of the better varieties. NGC will attribute all the numerous Washington Quarter varieties included in VarietyPlus. The best known varieties include doubled dies for 1934, 1937 and 1943-S, overmintmark varieties of 1950, and some rather unusual varieties, such as the 1964-D silver quarters with the clad Reverse of 1965. The growing popularity of this series will certainly see the addition of many more entries in coming years. Comprehensive variety books for this series have been authored by John Wexler and Kevin Flynn, as well as by James Wiles. John Feigenbaum’s book is focused primarily on date/mint/condition rarity and includes just limited variety listings.

Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelVarietyPlusCONECAFivaz-Stanton (NEW)Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)
25CMS1932 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001  
25CMS1934 LIGHT MOTTO$15   FS-401 
25CMS1934 MEDIUM MOTTO$15   FS-402 
25CMS1934 DOUBLED DIE OBV$15 VP-001DDO-001FS-101FS-009
25CMS1934 MEDIUM MOTTO DDO$15VP-002 DDO-002  
25CMS1934 HEAVY MOTTO$15   FS-403 
25CMS1934 D SM D MED MOTTO$15   FS-501 
25CMS1934 D LG D MED MOTTO$15     
25CMS1934 D SM D HEAVY MOT$15     
25CMS1934 D LG D HEAVY MOT$15     
25CMS1935 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001  
25CMS1936 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-011
25CMS1936 S/S$15VP-001 RPM-001  
25CMS1937 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-012
25CMS1937 DDO$15VP-002 DDO-002  
25CMS1938 DDO$15VP-001 DDO-002  
25CMS1939 DDO$15VP-001 DDO-011  
25CMS1939 D/D$15VP-001    
25CMS1939 S DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001  
25CMS1940 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-012.5
25CMS1940 D DDO$15VP-004 DDO-005  
25CMS1940 D/D DDO$15VP-005 DDO-002, RPM-001  
25CMS1940 D/D/D$15FS-501VP-002RPM-002 FS-012.4
25CMS1940 D/D$15VP-003 RPM-004  
25CMS1940 S/S DDO$15VP-001 DDO-001, RPM-2  
25CMS1941 DDO$15FS-101VP-002DDO-003 FS-012.7
25CMS1941 DDO$15FS-102VP-001DDO-006 FS-012.9
25CMS1941 DDO$15FS-103 DDO-004  
25CMS1941 DDR$15FS-801VP-003DDR-001 FS-013
25CMS1941 D DDO$15FS-101VP-002DDO-001  
25CMS1941 D DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001  
25CMS1941 S SMALL S$15     
25CMS1941 S LARGE TRUMPET S$15FS-501  FS-501FS-013.5
25CMS1941 S LARGE SERIF S$15FS-503    
25CMS1942 DDO$15FS-101VP-003DDO-003  
25CMS1942 DDO$15VP-005 DDO-005  
25CMS1942 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-002 FS-014
25CMS1942 DDR$15FS-802VP-002DDR-005 FS-014.3
25CMS1942 DDR$15FS-803VP-004DDR-006  
25CMS1942 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-015
25CMS1942 D DDR$15FS-801VP-002DDR-001 FS-016
25CMS1942 D/D$15VP-003 RPM-003  
25CMS1943 DDO$15FS-101VP-002DDO-005 FS-016.5
25CMS1943 DDO$15FS-102VP-003DDO-006  
25CMS1943 DDO$15FS-103VP-001DDO-011 FS-016.7
25CMS1943 DDO$15VP-004 DDO-009  
25CMS1943 DDO$15VP-005 DDO-001  
25CMS1943 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-004  
25CMS1943 D/D DDO$15VP-002 DDO-001, RPM-008  
25CMS1943 S DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-017
25CMS1943 S TRUMPET S$15   FS-501 
25CMS1943 S/S$15FS-503 RPM-002  
25CMS1944 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002  
25CMS1944 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002  
25CMS1944 D/D$15VP-002 RPM-001  
25CMS1944 S DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-017.5
25CMS1945 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-018
25CMS1946 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002  
25CMS1946 DDO$15VP-003 DDO-005  
25CMS1946 DDR$15FS-801VP-002DDR-002 FS-018.2
25CMS1946 D/D$15FS-501    
25CMS1946 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-002  
25CMS1947 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001  
25CMS1947 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-001  
25CMS1947 S/S/S$15FS-502VP-001RPM-002  
25CMS1948 S/S/S/S$15FS-501VP-001RPM-002 FS-018.4
25CMS1949 D/S$15FS-601VP-001RPM-003 FS-018.8
25CMS1950 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-019
25CMS1950 D/D$15FS-502 RPM-002  
25CMS1950 D/S$15FS-601VP-001OMM-001FS-601FS-021
25CMS1950 D DDR$15FS-801VP-002DDR-001 FS-020
25CMS1950 D DDR$15FS-802 DDR-002  
25CMS1950 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-001  
25CMS1950 S/D$15FS-601VP-001OMM-001FS-601FS-022
25CMS1950 S DDR$15FS-801 DDR-003  
25CMS1951 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002  
25CMS1951 D/D$15FS-501 RPM-004  
25CMS1952 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001   
25CMS1952 D LARGE D$15FS-501    
25CMS1952 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-001  
25CMS1952 S/S$15FS-502 RPM-002  
25CMS1953 D/INVERT D$15FS-501 RPM-001  
25CMS1953 D/S$15FS-601 OMM-1  
25CMS1953 D DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-022.2
25CMS1956 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1956 D/INVERT D$15FS-501VP-001RPM-001 FS-022.4
25CMS1957 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1958 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1959 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1960 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1961 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1961 D/D$15FS-501 RPM-005  
25CMS1961 D/D$15FS-502 RPM-004  
25CMS1961 D/D$15VP-001 RPM-001  
25CMS1962 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-004  
25CMS1962 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1963 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-023
25CMS1963 DDO & DDR$15FS-102VP-002DDO-007, DDR-001 FS-024
25CMS1963 DDO$15FS-103 DDO-005  
25CMS1963 DDO$15VP-003 DDO-007  
25CMS1963 DDR$15FS-801 DDR-004  
25CMS1963 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1963 D DDO$15FS-101 DDO-004  
25CMS1964 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-024.6
25CMS1964 DDR$15FS-802 DDR-002 FS-024.5
25CMS1964 DDR$15FS-803 DDR-003  
25CMS1964 DDR$15FS-804VP-002DDR-004 FS-024.65
25CMS1964 TYPE B REV$15   FS-901 
25CMS1964 D DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001 FS-024.69
25CMS1964 D/D$15FS-501 RPM-003  
25CMS1964 D/D$15FS-502    
25CMS1964 D DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-025
25CMS1964D TYPE C REV OF 65$15   FS-901FS-024.7
25CMS1965 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-026
25CMS1965 DDO$15FS-102VP-002DDO-002  
25CMS1965 DDR$15FS-801 DDR-001  
25CMS1966 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-026.3
25CMS1967 SMS DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-002 FS-026.5
25CMS1968 D DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001  
25CMS1969 D/D$15FS-501 RPM-001  
25CMS1969 D/D$15FS-502 RPM-003  
25CMS1969 D TYPE H REV$15  RDV-008  
25CMS1970 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-027.3
25CMS1970 D DDO$15FS-102VP-002DDO-002  
25CMS1970 D DDR$15FS-801 DDR-001  
25CMS1970 D DDR$15FS-802    
25CMS1970 D TYPE H REV$15  RDV-008  
25CMS1971 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-027.7
25CMS1971 D DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-027.8
25CMS1971 D TYPE H REV$15  RDV-008  
25CMS1972 D TYPE H REV$15  RDV-008  
25CMS1776-1976 D DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-028
25CMS1776-1976 D DDO$15FS-102 DDO-002  
25CPF1952 SUPERBIRD$15   FS-901 
25CPF1953 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-022.1
25CPF1953 RECUT FEATHERS$15FS-901 RED-001  
25CPF1956 REV DIE GOUGE$15FS-701    
25CPF1959 DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-003 FS-022.45
25CPF1960 DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-002 FS-022.5
25CPF1961 DDO$15FS-101 DDO-001  
25CPF1968 S DDO$15FS-101VP-002DDO-001 FS-26.75
25CPF1968 S/S$15FS-501 RPM-003  
25CPF1968 S DDR$15FS-801VP-001DDR-001 FS-027
25CPF1969 S DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-027.08
25CPF1969 S/S/S$15FS-501VP-002RPM-002 FS-027.1
25CPF1970 S DDR$15VP-001 DDR-001  
25CPF1776-1976 S SILVER DDO$15VP-001 DDO-002  
25CPF1979 S TYPE 1-     
25CPF1979 S TYPE 2-     
25CPF1981 S TYPE 1-     
25CPF1981 S TYPE 2-     
25CPF1990 S DDO$15FS-101VP-001DDO-001 FS-029

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.
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