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1865/18-5 PL/FANCY 5 1C FS-301

Variety Diagnostics

Weak repunching south on “18” of Date and north of “5”. The Plain 5 is punched over a Fancy 5.


Before 1909, all dates were stamped into the dies with date punches. If the date was punched into the die more then once with any variance, the result would be a repunched date. In 1865 two different date punch designs were used. One with a “Fancy 5” a five with a curved top, and a “Plain 5” with a almost straight top. This varieties significance and desirability is due to the stamping of two different date punches over each other.

VarietyPlus Cross Reference

NGC LabelFS-301
Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)FS-007.3

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