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Half Eagles (1795-1929)

Robert Scot's Draped Bust Liberty Half Eagle debuted in 1795 as the first federal gold coin issued. The original Small Eagle reverse was replaced with the Heraldic Eagle type in 1797. Some coins of this second type are known bearing the date 1795, but these are backdated pieces struck to avoid wasting a still useable obverse die carrying the obsolete date. In a similar economy measure, a small handful of 1798-dated half eagles were struck with the old Small Eagle reverse. See the accompanying table to determine which of the many varieties are attributed at no additional cost and which ones require payment of the $12 VarietyPlus fee.

The Capped Bust type of 1807-12 bears a portrait of Liberty quite similar to that on the half dollars of those years, and this portrait was truncated in 1813-34 for a style known as the Capped Head. Most of these coins saw little if any domestic circulation, as shifting bullion prices had made them worth more than face value. Adoption of close collar technology in 1829 prompted a slight reduction in diameter concurrent with an increase in thickness, and this date is know in both versions.

The five-dollar piece was consistently the most useful gold denomination in general circulation, and this fact is reflected in consistently higher mintages than for other gold coins before 1834. The greater number of dies needed for such production resulted in more varieties, as well. While there are few collectors of United States gold coins by varieties, the various die marriages of these early issues are nevertheless well documented. At present, however, there isn't enough demand for NGC to attribute pre-1834 issues by numeric varieties, and only their basic "Red Book" descriptions are used. Most of these are attributed by NGC within the normal course of grading. Only a few require payment of the VarietyPlus fee, and these are identified in the table below.

The weight reduction which became effective August 1, 1834 permitted USA gold coins to circulate freely after more than 20 years of being hoarded or exported for their bullion value. William Kneass created the Classic Head Liberty that year to denote this new standard. Coinage of the half eagle was very heavy for most of the next century, with the exception of the 1860s-70s, when the depreciated federal paper money drove them from circulation. Christian Gobrecht's Coronet Head Liberty Half Eagle of 1839-1908 was a familiar sight, particularly in the West, and worn examples are common. With a growing interest in die-punching varieties, NGC now recognizes many such issues under its VarietyPlus Service. These include all or most Cherrypicker varieties, as well as additional varieties labeled by NGC with its own VP numbering system. Such varieties are cross-referenced to Walter Breen's Encyclopedia wherever applicable.

The Indian Head Half Eagle series of 1908-29 saw greater standardization in the die-making process, with the only variable henceforth being the mintmark. A few repunched mintmark varieties are known for this series, and more are likely to turn up as collectors show increased interest in gold coin varieties. All such varieties attributed by NGC are done so under its VarietyPlus Service.

Denom.MS/PFDateFee*NGC LabelVarietyPlusBreenFivaz-Stanton (NEW)Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)Winter
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE-  B-6412 thru 6417   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE S/D$15BD-5 B-6414   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE S/D$15BD-6 B-6414   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-1 B-6412   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-2 B-6412   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-3 B-6412   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-4 B-6413   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-7 B-6415   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-8 B-6416   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-9 B-6415   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-10 B-6415   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-11 B-6417   
$5MS1795 SMALL EAGLE$15BD-12 B-6417   
$5MS1796/5 -BD-1 B-6418   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE-15 STARS OBV B-6419   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE$1515 STARS OBV BD-1 B-6419   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE$1515 STARS OBV BD-2 B-6419   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE-16 STARS OBV B-6420   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE$1516 STARS OBV BD-3 B-6420   
$5MS1797 SMALL EAGLE$1516 STARS OBV BD-4 B-6420   
$5MS1798 SMALL EAGLE-BD-1 B-6421   
$5MS1795 LARGE EAGLE-  B-6422,-6423   
$5MS1795 LARGE EAGLE$15BD-13 B-6422   
$5MS1795 LARGE EAGLE$15BD-14 B-6422   
$5MS1795 LARGE EAGLE$15BD-15 B-6423   
$5MS1797 LARGE EAGLE-15 STARS OBV BD-6 B-Unlisted   
$5MS1797 LARGE EAGLE-16 STARS OBV BD-5 B-6424   
$5MS1797/5 LARGE EAGLE-15 STARS OBV BD-7 B-6425   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE SM 8-  B-6430,-6431   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE SM 8$15BD-6 B-6430   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE SM 8$15BD-7 B-6431   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE SM 8$15BD-8 B-6431   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE LG 8-13 STARS REV B-6426,-6428,-6429   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE LG 8$1513 STARS REV BD-2 B-6426   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE LG 8$1513 STARS REV BD-4 B-6428   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE LG 8$1513 STARS REV BD-5 B-6429   
$5MS1798 LARGE EAGLE LG 8-14 STARS REV BD-3 B-6427   
$5MS1799 -  B-6432 thru B-6437   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-1 B-6433   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-2 B-6434   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-3 B-6432   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-4 B-6435   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-6 B-6435   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-7 B-6437   
$5MS1799 SMALL STARS REV$15BD-9 B-6432   
$5MS1799 LARGE STARS REV$15BD-5 B-6436   
$5MS1799 LARGE STARS REV$15BD-8 B-6437   
$5MS1800 -  B-6438, -6439   
$5MS1800 POINTED 1$15BD-1 B-6438   
$5MS1800 BLUNT 1$15BD-2 B-6438   
$5MS1800 BLUNT 1$15BD-3 B-6438   
$5MS1800 BLUNT 1$15BD-4 B-6439   
$5MS1800 BLUNT 1$15BD-5 B-6438   
$5MS1802/1 -  B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-1 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-2 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-3 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-4 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-5 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-6 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-7 B-6440   
$5MS1802/1 $15BD-8 B-6440   
$5MS1803/2 -  B-6441   
$5MS1803/2 $15BD-1 B-6441   
$5MS1803/2 $15BD-2 B-6441   
$5MS1803/2 $15BD-3 B-6441   
$5MS1803/2 $15BD-4 B-6441   
$5MS1804 SMALL 8 -  B-6443   
$5MS1804 SMALL 8 SMALL 4$15BD-1 B-6443   
$5MS1804 SMALL 8 SMALL 4$15BD-2 B-6443   
$5MS1804 SMALL 8 LARGE 4$15BD-3 B-6443   
$5MS1804 SMALL 8 LARGE 4$15BD-4 B-6443   
$5MS1804 SM/LG 8 -  B-6442   
$5MS1804 SM/LG 8 $15BD-5 B-6442   
$5MS1804 SM/LG 8 $15BD-6 B-6442   
$5MS1804 SM/LG 8 $15BD-7 B-6442   
$5MS1805 $15BD-1 B-6445   
$5MS1805 $15BD-2 B-6445   
$5MS1805 $15BD-3 B-6444   
$5MS1805 $15BD-4 B-6444   
$5MS1805 $15BD-5 B-6444   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6-  B-6446,-6447   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6$15BD-1 B-6446   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6$15BD-2 B-6447   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6$15BD-3 B-6447   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6$15BD-4 B-6447   
$5MS1806 POINTED 6$15BD-5 B-6447   
$5MS1806 KNOBBED 6-BD-6 B-6448   
$5MS1807 BUST RIGHT-  B-6449 thru 6452   
$5MS1807 BUST LEFT-  B-6453   
$5MS1807 BUST LEFT$15BD-7 B-6453   
$5MS1807 BUST LEFT$15BD-8 B-6453   
$5MS1808 -  B-6456, -6457   
$5MS1808 $15BD-3 B-6456   
$5MS1808 $15BD-4 B-6457   
$5MS1808/7 -  B-6454, -6455   
$5MS1808/7 $15BD-1 B-6454   
$5MS1808/7 $15BD-2 B-6455   
$5MS1809/8 -BD-1 B-6458   
$5MS1810 SM DATE SMALL 5-BD-2 B-6461   
$5MS1810 SM DATE TALL 5-BD-1 B-6462   
$5MS1810 LG DATE SMALL 5-BD-3 B-6460   
$5MS1810 LG DATE LARGE 5-BD-4 B-6459   
$5MS1811 SMALL 5-BD-2 B-6464   
$5MS1811 TALL 5-BD-1 B-6463   
$5MS1812 -  B-6465, -6466   
$5MS1812 $15BD-1 B-6466   
$5MS1812 $15BD-2 B-6465   
$5MS1813 -  B-6467   
$5MS1813 $15BD-1 B-6467   
$5MS1813 $15BD-2 B-6467   
$5MS1814/3 -BD-1 B-6468   
$5MS1815 -BD-1 B-6469   
$5MS1818 -BD-1 B-6471   
$5MS1818 "STATESOF"-BD-2 B-6470   
$5MS1818 5D/50-BD-3 B-6472   
$5MS1819 -BD-2 B-6475   
$5MS1819 5D/50-BD-1 B-6473   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 SM LETTERS-  B-6478   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 SM LETTERS$15BD-6 B-6478   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 SM LETTERS$15BD-8 B-6478   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 LG LETTERS-  B-6477   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 LG LETTERS$15BD-5 B-6477   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 LG LETTERS$15BD-7 B-6477   
$5MS1820 CURL 2 LG LETTERS$15BD-9 B-6477   
$5MS1820 SQUARE 2-  B-6476   
$5MS1820 SQUARE 2$15BD-1 B-6476   
$5MS1820 SQUARE 2$15BD-2     
$5MS1820 SQUARE 2$15BD-3 B-6476   
$5MS1820 SQUARE 2$15BD-4 B-6476   
$5MS1821 -  B-6479   
$5MS1821 $15BD-1 B-6479   
$5MS1821 $15BD-2 B-6479   
$5MS1822 -BD-1 B-6480   
$5MS1823 -BD-1 B-6481   
$5MS1824 -BD-1 B-6482   
$5MS1825/4 PARTIAL 4-BD-1 B-6483   
$5MS1825/4 PARTIAL 4$15BD-3     
$5MS1825/4 COMPLETE 4-BD-2 B-6484   
$5MS1826 -  B-6485   
$5MS1826 $15BD-1 B-6485   
$5MS1826 $15BD-2 B-6485   
$5MS1827 -BD-1 B-6486   
$5MS1828 -  B-6488   
$5MS1828 $15BD-3 B-6488   
$5MS1828 $15BD-4 B-6488   
$5MS1828/7 -  B-6487   
$5MS1828/7 $15BD-1 B-6487   
$5MS1828/7 $15BD-2 B-6487   
$5MS1829 LARGE SIZE-BD-1 B-6489   
$5MS1829 SMALL SIZE-BD-2 B-6490   
$5MS1830 SMALL 5D-BD-2 B-6492   
$5MS1830 LARGE 5D-BD-1 B-6491   
$5MS1831 SMALL 5D-BD-1 B-6493   
$5MS1831 LARGE 5D-BD-2 B-6494   
$5MS1832 13 STARS-BD-1 B-6495   
$5MS1832 12 STARS-BD-2 B-6496   
$5MS1833 LG DATE BLOCK 8-BD-1 B-6498   
$5MS1833 SM DATE SCRIPT 8-  B-6497   
$5MS1833 SM DATE SCRIPT 8$15BD-2 B-6497   
$5MS1833 SM DATE SCRIPT 8$15BD-3 B-6497   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CAPPED-  B-6499   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CAPPED$15BD-1 B-6499   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CAPPED$15BD-3 B-6499   
$5MS1834 CROSS 4 CAPPED-  B-6500   
$5MS1834 CROSS 4 CAPPED$15BD-2 B-6500   
$5MS1834 CROSS 4 CAPPED$15BD-4 B-6500   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CLASSIC-  B-6501, -6502   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CLASSIC$15SCRIPT 8 B-6501   
$5MS1834 PLAIN 4 CLASSIC$15BLOCK 8 B-6502   
$5MS1834 CROSS 4 CLASSIC-  B-6503   
$5MS1835 SCRIPT 8$15  B-6505   
$5MS1835 BLOCK 8$15  B-6504, -6506   
$5MS1836 SCRIPT 8$15  B-Unlisted   
$5MS1836 BLOCK 8$15  B-6507 thru 6510   
$5MS1837 SCRIPT 8$15  B-6513   
$5MS1837 BLOCK 8$15  B-6511, -6512   
$5MS1840 LARGE DIAMETER$15  B-6522   
$5MS1840 SMALL DIAMETER$15  B-6523   
$5MS1840 D LARGE DIAMETER$15  B-6526   
$5MS1840 D SMALL DIAMETER$15  B-6527   
$5MS1840 O LARGE DIAMETER$15  B-6528   
$5MS1840 O SMALL DIAMETER$15  B-6529   
$5MS1842 SMALL LETTERS-  B-6536   
$5MS1842 LARGE LETTERS-  B-6537   
$5MS1842 C SMALL DATE-  B-6538   
$5MS1842 C LARGE DATE-  B-6539   
$5MS1842 D SMALL DATE-  B-6540   
$5MS1842 D LARGE DATE-  B-6541   
$5MS1843 18/18 $15VP-001 B-Unlisted   
$5MS1843 D SMALL D$15  B-6546  W-10G
$5MS1843 D MEDIUM D$15      
$5MS1843 O SMALL LETTERS-  B-6548   
$5MS1843 O LARGE LETTERS-  B-6549   
$5MS1845 8/8 $15VP-001 B-6556   
$5MS1846 SMALL DATE-  B-6562   
$5MS1846 LARGE DATE-  B-6561   
$5MS1846 D/D-VP-001 B-6565  W-15J
$5MS1847 MPD$15FS-301VP-002B-6571 FS-003 
$5MS1847 MPD$15FS-302VP-003  FS-004 
$5MS1847/1847 $15FS-303     
$5MS1847/7 $15VP-001 B-6570   
$5MS1847/47 $15VP-004     
$5MS1848 1/1 $15VP-001 B-Unlisted   
$5MS1848 D/D$15FS-501VP-001    
$5MS1849/49 $15VP-001 B-6582   
$5MS1849/1849 $15VP-002 B-6583?   
$5MS1850 C WEAK C-      
$5MS1850 D WEAK D-      
$5MS1851 D WEAK D-      
$5MS1854 DDO$15FS-101VP-001  FS-004.5 
$5MS1854 C WEAK C-      
$5MS1854 D WEAK D-      
$5MS1855 MPD$15VP-001 B-6614   
$5MS1855 D MEDIUM D$15     W-38-CC
$5MS1855 D LARGE D$15     W-38-EE
$5MS1857/57 S LARGE S$15VP-001 B-Unlisted   
$5MS1859 D MEDIUM D$15     W-44HH
$5MS1859 D LARGE D$15  B-Unlisted  W-45EE
$5MS1866 S NO MOTTO-  B-6663   
$5MS1866 MOTTO-  B-6665   
$5MS1866 S MOTTO-  B-6666   
$5MS1873 CLOSED 3-  B-6683   
$5MS1873 OPEN 3-  B-6684   
$5MS1874 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1880/0 $15VP-001     
$5MS1881/1880 $15FS-301 B-6715 FS-005 
$5MS1881/881 $15FS-302 B-6714   
$5MS1881/1881 $15FS-303 B-6714   
$5MS1881/881 $15FS-304 B-6714   
$5MS1881 88/88 $15FS-305 B-6714   
$5MS1881 88/88 $15VP-001     
$5MS1881 88/88 $15VP-002     
$5MS1886 S/S$15VP-001     
$5MS1899/99 $15FS-301VP-001B-6769   
$5MS1901 19/19 $15VP-001 B-6778   
$5MS1901/0 S$15  B-6780FS-301FS-006 
$5MS1901 S/S$15FS-501     
$5MS1903/03 S$15VP-001     
$5MS1905 S/S$15FS-501   FS-006.5 
$5MS1906/6 $15FS-301     
$5MS1907/7 D$15VP-001 B-6800   
$5MS1908 LIBERTY-  B-6801   
$5MS1908 INDIAN-  B-6802   
$5MS1909 O WEAK O-      
$5MS1909 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1911 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1911 S/S$15FS-501     
$5MS1911 S/S$15FS-502VP-001    
$5MS1912 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1913 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1915 S WEAK S-      
$5MS1916 S WEAK S-      

* In order to have the above varieties requiring the $15 fee designated by NGC, VarietyPlus service must be requested at time of grading. VarietyPlus service is also available for coins already encapsulated by NGC. For coins where the fee column is blank, no VarietyPlus charge is required to have your coin designated during grading. For coins marked $15, a $15 surcharge applies to the tier fee during grading, or a $15 fee applies to have the VarietyPlus designation added to any coin already graded and encapsulated by NGC.