One of the valuable services offered by NGC is the attribution of coin varieties. By varieties, we mean coins that differ from their basic design type in some distinctive way and are thus differentiated by collectors. Thousands of varieties have been photographed and cataloged in reference books, making them highly collectable. Now your variety coins gain all the advantages of NGC grading and authentication when you choose VarietyPlus® services in addition to any grading tier.

To receive a variety attribution with uncertified coins being submitted for grading, simply choose VarietyPlus services on your submission form, fill in the column for that line with the type of variety you're seeking (Overton, VAM, VP, etc.) or, if known, the exact variety number. Either way, NGC will examine your coin and enter the correct variety attribution on its grading label. A $15.00 fee is charged for this service in addition to the regular fee for the grading tier you've selected.

In the case of coins already graded and encapsulated by NGC, you may have the correct variety attribution added by submitting the encapsulated coin under our VarietyPlus service. The fee for VarietyPlus is $15.00.

Variety Plus

Is your coin a 1944 D/D 1 C
FS-502 or a FS-507? Click on the links to view a sample of the information available in the VarietyPlus catalog. This valuable online resource includes detailed information and photos to identify your variety coins.

The Complete VarietyPlus Catalog

NGC maintains a comprehensive guide to the varieties we recognize on our Web site. Click on any of the series below to see a comprehensive list of NGC recognized varieties.

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