Scratch Resistant EdgeView Holder

Scratch-Resistant Coin Holder

Using an advanced UV–cured hardcoat, we’ve combined our EdgeView® holder’s proven capabilities for long-term storage with exceptional durability — all without sacrificing crystal-clear presentation.

This same material is used to protect the delicate surfaces of eyeglass lenses while maintaining their transparency. It is engineered to withstand five rotations of coarse steel wool at 25 pounds of force without scratching. It can surely stand the test of time in your collection.

Available on certain grading tiers and under a special re-holder program, the Scratch-Resistant EdgeView holder is just one more way NGC demonstrates our rare commitment to numismatics.

Upgrade to optically superior display. Reholder your coins in the NGC Scratch-Resistant EdgeView Holder today. Please see NGC’s services and fees for complete information.

“Eye appeal is everything. And
when a coin is in a holder, the
holder is part of the eye appeal.”

Greg Rohan, President, Heritage Auctions
“The Scratch-Resistant Holders from NGC are optically superior to any holder out there. I think everyone should get their collection reholdered in them — and certainly before bringing it to market!”

John Albanese, Numismatic Expert
“I had a classic rarity — a million dollar coin or better — reholdered by NGC, and the difference is incredible. I even got a WOW from a top expert in the field.”

Adam Crum, VP, Monaco Rare Coins