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After encapsulation, the next step in NGC's coin grading and certification services is to return all coins to the Grading Department for final inspection. An industry professional examines each encapsulated coin to make certain the grade and its accompanying descriptive information is correct on the label. This professional also inspects each coin for any flaws on its holder, such as scuffs or nicks.

NGC Coin Certification and Grading – Wire-Laced Tape Used During ShippingWhen all the coins have been inspected, they're delivered to our Shipping Department for packaging. As in all steps of NGC's coin grading and certification services, coins are counted and labels are checked against the original invoice, to make certain that no mistakes have occurred. A Shipping Department employee then verifies the method of transport as selected by the submitter on the invoice and prepares the coins for delivery.

Regardless of whether the US Postal Service or a private carrier is used, the method of packaging is essentially the same. The encapsulated coins are placed vertically inside boxes made of very sturdy cardboard, and these boxes contain a row of dividers so the holders don't come into contact with one another. A shipping copy of the submitter's invoice is included before the box is sealed, and heavy tape laced with wire is used to prevent accidental or unauthorized opening of the box while it's in transit. Properly registered and insured, the coins are safely shipped and are soon in the hands of their proud owners.

Watch a video of the entire NGC coin certification and grading process.