NGC Celebrates the 35th Anniversary American Eagles

In 2021, the US Mint is turning a page: Both the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle will feature new reverse designs to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the beloved bullion coins. NGC — the world leader in American Eagle grading — is celebrating with exciting special labels, exclusive signers and more!

Eagle 35th Anniversary Coins in NGC Holders

New Reverse Design Debut

American Silver Eagle Reverse
American Gold Eagle Reverse
American Eagles in NGC's 35th Anniversary Celebratory Label Holders

NGC American Eagle 35th Anniversary Celebratory Labels

To distinguish 2021 American Eagles, NGC is offering the Eagle 35th Anniversary Special Label for free to all submitters. This label continues NGC’s tradition of commemorating the Eagles’ milestone birthdays with the bold graphic of an eagle silhouette projected over the anniversary year — a fittingly iconic label for the iconic series.

For bulk submissions, NGC is offering the Eagle 35th Anniversary Mountain Label, which features a striking bald eagle against a rugged American landscape. The majestic imagery perfectly captures the spirit of US numismatics and the American Eagle Series specifically.

NGC will also provide designations for all Eagles released in 2021, including: Heraldic Eagle for Silver Eagles with the original reverse design; Eagle Landing for Silver Eagles with the new reverse design; Family of Eagles for Gold Eagles with the original reverse design; and Eagle Portrait for Gold Eagles with the new reverse design.

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An NGC Exclusive — Certification Labels Signed by Michael Gaudioso, Engraver of the New Silver Eagle Reverse

NGC has signed an exclusive signature label deal with Michael Gaudioso, sculptor of the new Silver Eagle reverse. The dynamic design features an eagle clutching an oak branch in its talons as it comes in for a landing. Gaudioso has been a US Mint medallic artist for more than a decade, designing and sculpting many popular US Mint releases.

The NGC Michael Gaudioso Signature Label builds on NGC’s established relationship with John Mercanti, the 12th US Mint Chief Engraver who created the Silver Eagle’s original “Heraldic Eagle” reverse. Mercanti has signed labels exclusively for NGC since 2015.

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Michael Gaudioso Michael Gaudioso
Michael Gaudioso Signature

An NGC Exclusive — Certification Labels Signed by Jennie Norris, Designer of the New Gold Eagle Reverse

NGC has signed an exclusive signature label deal with Jennie Norris, designer of the new Gold Eagle reverse. Norris’ design showcases a highly detailed portrait of the national bird, inspired by her experience as a raptor handler. The eagle’s intense gaze conveys unwavering confidence, determination and wisdom.

Norris’ new Gold Eagle reverse replaces the “Family of Eagles” reverse created by Miley (Busiek) Tucker-Frost. NGC also worked with Tucker-Frost to offer a limited number of signed labels during the reign of the original Gold Eagle reverse design.

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Jennie Norris Jennie Norris
Jennie Norris Signature
American Eagles in NGC's Custom Cores Holders

NGC Custom Cores

Several unique NGC Custom Cores™ are being offered for the 2021 American Eagles. These holders and labels are an outstanding way to create a distinctive display for the 35th Anniversary Eagles, and they have the same benefits as NGC’s standard holder, including superior optics and enhanced security features.

NGC Custom Cores are available from select retailers.

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During the American Eagles’ first chapter, NGC certified more than 11 million Silver Eagles and more than 1.6 million Gold Eagles — far more than any other coin grading service. With accurate and consistent grading, the superior NGC holder and innovative designations, labels and cores, NGC looks forward to continuing the story.

Take flight with NGC’s 35th Anniversary Eagle certification options!

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2021 American Eagle reverse renders are used with permission by Scottsdale Bullion & Coin.

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