Coin Specifications

Category: Washington Quarters (1932-1998)
Mint: Philadelphia
Mintage: 5,404,000
Obverse Designer: John Flanagan
Reverse Designer: John Flanagan
Composition: Silver
Fineness: 0.9000
Weight: 6.2500g
ASW: 0.1808oz
Melt Value: $3.23 (1/24/2020)
Diameter: 24.3mm
Edge: Reeded
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1932 25C MS obverse 1932 25C MS reverse
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Description & Analysis

In 1932 America was mired in the depths of the Great Depression, and there was absolutely no demand for additional quarter dollars. Nevertheless, the occasion of George Washington's birth bicentennial prompted Congress to authorized a circulating commemorative of this denomination. The Washington Quarter Dollar was placed into circulation August 1, 1932, and examples were coined at all three mints. Production at Denver and San Francisco was limited to a figure that would satisfy the potential demand from numismatists for complete three-piece sets, but Philadelphia coined more than 12 times as many pieces. This assured that there would plenty of coins for the benefit of non-numismatists seeking simply a souvenir of the occasion. No additional quarters were struck in 1933.

By 1934 the economy was showing signs of recovery, and this is when the 1932 quarters not already saved by collectors and the public finally entered general circulation. While worn pieces are thus common, enough were preserved to provide plenty of Mint State pieces up through the grade of MS 65. Examples in higher grades are scarce and highly prized. The typical 1932 quarter is well struck, though many shows signs of die erosion. Early strikes are satiny, which later ones have deeply frosted luster and granular surfaces. Coins having exquisite toning are available to the discriminating collector, as the arrangement of design elements on this coin type seems to have been particularly conducive to symmetrical coloration.

1932 quarters from all three mints were coined with broad, deep rims on their reverse. This hub was used only in 1932 and for the Light Motto 1934(P) quarters. Such coins performed very well in circulation, with both sides wearing at an equal rate. Later quarters had a shallow reverse rim and wore quite rapidly.

A nice doubled-die obverse variety is known for this issue. Doubling is plainly visible on Washington's nose, ear and queue. Very deceptive counterfeits of this date appeared in quantity during the 1970s. These are faintly prooflike, an unusual quality for this issue, but certification is still recommended for all Mint State 1932(P) quarters.


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1932 25C MS
Base $ 7.95 8.80 9.45 11.00 13.50 16.20 17.55 21.00 22.50 31.00 34.00 45.00 60.00 100.00 250 975 11800 - - -
$ - - - - - - - - - 130 350 1950 - -

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Total Graded: 2239
Low Grade: PrAg
Average Grade: 62
High Grade: 67

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NGC CENSUS DETAIL Last Updated: 1/21/2020 1932 25C MS

NGC Registry

NGC Registry Score 1932 25C MS PL
1932 25C MS
Registry Image Gallery
Grade: MS 67
Points: 8968
Owner: erwindoc
Grade: MS 66
Points: 2087
Owner: Daniel McMunn
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